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7 Types of Wanita you should Date

wanitaLet these Wanita be the sunshine of your life…

The dating scene can become really frustrating that you wish there was a manual on the types of wanita. Unfortunately, dating does not come with hard, fast rules.

However, one can always use a guide on the types of wanita. There are groups of women who make good dates because of their outstanding personalities.

1. Wanita Berpendirian

This type of women know what they want, especially when it comes to dating. The determined and headstrong alpha female is an achiever in almost anything. She will not waste time with one man because she knows that she is attractive to many.

Dating wanita berpendirian is quite a task.  She expects nothing less than above average so you better put your best foot forward. Dating Wanita berpendirian is a great experience because you will be amazed by their independence, determination, and confidence.

2. Wanita Sofistikated

Wanita sofistikated never step out of the house with disheveled hair. When they enter the room, all eyes are on them. This chick believes that the outward appearance is a reflection of the inner state.

They tend to be dismissed as shallow and vain but really, their appearance is only a part of their personality. They can be funny, spontaneous and intelligent too. If you date the sophisticated chick, you will be the object of everyone’s envy.

3. Wanita Artistik

Now this one is interesting. Just by hearing the label, you already know that this type of wanita dabbles into anything related to art painting, literature, graphic design, theater, or film.

Their idea of a memorable date is a day of gallery hopping and attending play premieres. Dating wanita artistik will really be a unique experience because this girl is actually intellectual and has a lot to say about current events.

4. Wanita Sihat

This type of wanita has a big reservoir of energy. Like the wanita sofistikated, wanita sihat likes to take care of herself. Only this time, she does it in the gym or the sports track. This fitness buff sports a toned physique and is always watching what goes inside her mouth. Again, you will be the envy of many when you date this awek. Plus, her discipline and willpower to lead a healthy lifestyle can be infectious.

5. Wanita Domestik

The domestik diva will remind you of your mother. She likes to cook and tend to her abode and garden. Her values are very traditional, which makes her the ideal marrying type. Dating these type of wanita will ensure that your stomach will always be full. You will be one lucky man too because she’s constantly looking out for your well-being, just like your mom.

6. Wanita Romantis

Now, don’t be scared. Wanita romantis is not always into flowers and mushy love letters. This type of wanita are the ideal dating types because they’re always careful not to fall into typical relationship traps. She’s very loving and always makes an effort to communicate with you.

7. Wanita Kawan Baik

Wanita kawan baik is one who can also be a friend. With the best friend type of woman, you can do the same activities you do with your friends and she won’t even complain about food trips, billiards, badminton, hiking, running, or even kopi session. She’s spontaneous and up for anything, just like your best buddy.

Remember, dating is an art that can only be mastered through experience. If you know which type of wanita to go for, it will not be much of a hurdle for you.


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