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Wanita Melayu – 3 Dirty Secrets

Wanita MelayuHere’s how you can seduce any wanita melayu

If you’re looking to seduce wanita melayu, then you’ll want to read the following 3 tricks. You’ll learn how you can seduce wanita melayu even if you have never dated one in your entire life.

What Seducing Wanita Melayu Means

Before you proceed, you’ll have to be clear on what seduction is. Seduction can mean many things to different people. For the purpose of this article, seduction here means being successful and being able repeat this success with any wanita melayu.

The aim is not get them to bed and take 3gp video melayu of wanita melayu, you sick pervert. The aim is to make her fall for you so that you can have a meaningful and fulfilling relationship with her.

Following are the 3 tricks to seduce wanita melayu.

1. Be Cool and Stylish

You don’t have to be as handsome as Malaysia’s artis melayu Anuar Zain or Hollywood John Travolta in order to seduce wanita melayu. But you definitely want to look cool and stylish like these artis.

You can look like an orang utan’s ass but if you can portray that you look cool and in tune with the current men’s fashion, malay women and women in general will be attracted to you like ants to diabetic urine.

You should always do a “cool” check whenever you’re around wanita melayu. Always ask yourself before you do something. Will Anuar Zain or John Travolta do this?

2. Be Confident and Comfortable

Don’t be uptight and nervous around gadis melayu. Relax and look at things in perspective. She’s only human after all and not a hungry lioness.

The worse that can happen is her leaving you alone for the rest of the night. But who gives a shit if she does? There’s plenty of wanita melayu cun out there for you to meet and seduce.

So, be comfortable. When you’re comfortable, she’ll be comfortable too. Once she’ll comfortable, she’ll be more open to your next move and suggestions.

3. Look Smart

Women are generally attracted to men who are smart. Perhaps it’s nature’s way to ensure the survival of the human race. You can use this knowledge to your advantage even if you don’t have a degree or have never completed sekolah rendah.

What really matters is that you look smart. There are two ways to fool women into thinking that you are smart.

First, always have an opinion on any issue but never offer your opinion unless she asks for it. And it doesn’t matter if your opinion sounds stupid. As long as you have an opinion you’ll telling her that you can think for yourself and indirectly telling her that you are smart.

Second, if a wanita melayu says something factually wrong, tell her. If she insists that she’s right, then don’t dwell on it. By not insisting that she’s wrong, you’re subtly showing her that you’re smarter than her.

So these are the 3 dirty tricks you can use to seduce wanita melayu. By following these tricks you’ll find that you will have more success with women and that you’ll no longer have to spend your Saturday evening with your pet cat.

Mat RomeoX is a guest writer who has dated many awek in his lelaki nakal hey days. He’s currently, according to him, dating the most beautiful wanita melayu on the planet.


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