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Free Translate Malay to English

Many free and paid online translation tools exist to translate Malay to English. But if you’re looking for fast and no-frills Malay to English translator, you should check out this tiny translator. To translate Malay language to English, all you need to do is to choose the Malay to English translation, key in the Malay words you need to translate and hit enter.

Translate Malay to English Examples

Apa khabar? – How are you?

Aku cinta kamu – I love you

Saya suka translator ini – I love this translator

Powered by Google Translate and packaged as free tool by the kind people of UTMK, this translation tool is quick and easy to use. Furthermore it’s free, unlike Malay to English translation or Malay dictionary software that can be rather expensive.

However like any online translators, the translated texts may not be correct or downright unreadable. But for everyday purposes this Malay to English translator can do its job adequately.

Hire Professional translators to translate Malay to English

If you require high quality and accurate translations, you’ll want to check out translations services that offer Malay to English translation for a fee. The prices are usually reasonable but it’s advisable to do some research before you hire a professional translator to translate Malay to English or translate English to Malay as the rate can vary widely.


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