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Free Translate English to Malay Tool

If you’re looking to translate English to Malay, you’ll find this little translator tool useful. You simply key in the English words, press “Translate”, and you’ll get the English to Malay translation instantly.

Some simple English to Malay translation examples:

Good Morning – Selamat pagi
How are you? – Bagaimana kamu?
Malay can – Melayu boleh.

This free English to Malay translation is powered by Google Translate. Considering that the translation service is automated, the translated malay language result is pretty good. Perhaps better than any of the English to Malay translation or dictionary software on the market.

Translate English to Malay for a fee?

However the translation may sometimes produce translated results that are not readable or not in proper Malay language. This is common for online translators that rely on automation. Of course, if you want a better and higher quality translation, you should get a real professional translator who can do it for a fee. But for everyday tasks when you need to translate English to Malay, this little tool will do just fine.


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