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Top 10 P. Ramlee Movies of All Time

P. RamleeIf you’re a Malaysian or Singaporean, you’ll surely agree that P. Ramlee is an icon of Malay  entertainment and the indisputable top video melayu maker . During his lifetime, he directed and acted in 66 movies that are still aired in many TV networks, both local and overseas. Perennial favorites, P.Ramlee movies are now watched and enjoyed by many segments of society, young or old, rich or poor.

The Hypnotic Quality of P. Ramlee Movies

This may sound cliché. One can never get tired or bored watching P. Ramlee movies. No matter how many reruns you watch the Bujang Lapok series, you’ll never get sick of them. His movies are so entertaining and hypnotic that whenever a P.Ramlee movie is aired on TV, you’d rather watch it than watch a multi-million-dollars Hollywood movie.

P. Ramlee’s Struggle

You’ve probably watched the recently-aired and controversial documentary that reveals P. Ramlee’s struggle during his later years. You’re probably angry and frustrated at how he was treated and sidelined before he died.

It’s unthinkable that our icon was treated worse than a bum. Only years after his untimely death that he is revered and elevated to what he’s known today.

If P. Ramlee lives in this era, will he still be treated like an unwanted bum?

We don’t know how to answer this question. We can only hope that we possess enough melayu boleh values to prevent history from repeating itself.

The Search for the Best P. Ramlee Movies

The purpose of this piece is not to dissect the P. Ramlee documentary or lament at his struggle. This piece is created because we are wondering if there’s a list that lists the top 10 P. Ramlee movies. Such a list will prove useful for the uninitiated who wishes to have a glimpse of P. Ramlee’s movies, or to anyone who wants to re-watch the best and top-rated movies.

A quick search on Google reveals one such list. But this top 10 P.Ramlee movies list looks spammy and has no supportive data. So what we did was to check out the definitive movie site IMDB where we found a database of P. Ramlee movies. Here, we sorted the movies by user ratings to give us the ten highest rated P. Ramlee movies .

We dare not say that this top 10 P. Ramlee movies list is authoritative since the number of voters is small. But at least it suggests the 10 best P. Ramlee movies out of the sixty-six.

IMDB’s Top 10 P. Ramlee Movies

Here is the top 10 P. Ramlee movies as voted by IMDB’s users (January 2011).

1.     Anakku Sazali

2.    Ali Baba bujang Lapok

3.     Sarjan Hassan

4.     Bujang Lapok

5.     Pendekar Bujang Lapok

6.     Ibu Mertuaku

7.     Tiga Abdul

8.     Seniman Bujang Lapok

9.     Labu dan Labi

10.  Madu Tiga


It’s not surprising that the award-winning Ibu Mertuaku is among the top 10. This tragic yet inspiring movie is our personal favorite, and we even have an Ibu Mertuaku review that offers a fresh, never-seen-before perspective.

P. Ramlee the Melayu Boleh Icon

A Malay entertainment icon imbued with the Melayu Boleh spirit, P. Ramlee had left us a legacy of 66 movies. The above top 10 P. Ramlee movies represent the best of his works for us to enjoy and contemplate upon.

Which P. Ramlee movie do you think is the best? Please leave a comment and tell us.


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