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Seks Melayu – How to Satisfy your Wife Tonight in 3 Simple Steps

Seks Melayu tips

3 Seks Melayu steps you can do tonight…

Malay husbands are just like any other husbands all over the world who may face difficulty in satisfying their wife during seks. If you’re one of these husbands who face this problem, you‘ll be interested to read the following 3 simple steps you can do tonight to make your wife go absolutely wild and hungry for more.

1. Take it slow

Seks to the married melayu couples are usually routined and rushed. As a result, many women fail to reach orgasm and derive sexual pleasure from having sex.

So, to increase your wife sexual pleasure, you should take it slow and make her feel relax and comfortable.  Two easy ways to do this is to engage in small talk with her or give her a massage before you engage in foreplay.

2. Indulge in foreplay

Judging from the many 3gp seks melayu video on the internet, I can say that many Malay men have no idea of a proper foreplay.

Unlike men who can get aroused in a matter of seconds, women need more time. So you should indulge a lot of foreplay with your wife in order to arouse her. This include touching, caressing, kissing and cuddling her.

Like in the first step, you should not rush foreplay. Take your time to explore her body with your hands and tongue.

3. Perform oral seks

According to one survey, only 30% of women reported of having orgasm during seks.  This means that most women do not have orgasm and thus fail to derive sexual pleasure.

The key reason why many wives fail to reach orgasm is your failure to fully arouse her. As you already know, women take a long time to get arouse and indulging in foreplay is one way to increase her arousal.

Another surefire way to increase your wife’s arousal to the next level is to perform oral seks on her. Oral sex will arouse your wife so much that once intercourse is initiated you’ll find that she will reach orgasm easier and faster.

You do not have to be seks expert in order to be amazing in bed. If you follow the 3 steps above, you will definitely satisfy your wife who will in turn be dying to satisfy you.

SuamiX is a guest writer and an ordinary melayu husband married to a malaysian awek melayu . He enjoys sharing his vast sexual experience and seks melayu tips to suami isteri (married malay couples) so that they can improve their sexual life and marital relationship.


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