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Puisi Cinta: How to Write Puisi to Express Your love

Puisi CintaQuick Guide to Writing Puisi Cinta

In this day and age, it comes as a real surprise when you get a puisi cinta (love poem). After all, nobody makes them anymore. But just because a puisi cinta is unusual does not mean that it is not appreciated.

Thinking of making one for your love? There are really no hard and fast rules when it comes to making a poem about love. It’s really just a matter of putting your passion down in writing to show your true feelings.

Getting started with Puisi Cinta

A puisi cinta needs to truly reflect how you are feeling so take the time to reminisce about the most memorable days you can remember with or about your love. If you’re going to be making one, for instance, to profess your undying love, then think back on the time you first met that special person.

It can be that first moment when your eyes met or your hands grazed each others. It can also be that one moment that your heart both skipped a beat and stopped at the same time. Turn to these powerful memories and emotions within you to help you find the words for your puisi cinta.

Get writing

Emotions can be quite tricky to put into words for a puisi cinta sometimes so just let everything out and start writing. Think of it as free writing. Just jot down everything you are thinking at the moment about your love for a couple of minutes.

When you’re done, look at what you’ve written and single out lines or sections that you feel reflect what you truly want to say in your poem. Don’t worry about rhymes at this point. Just let the words flow to help you get started on that passionate puisi cinta of yours.

Should you use big words?

Big words in a puisi cinta will not necessarily make you look big in the eyes of your love. That’s why it is ok to use simple words. Sometimes though, big words are required to truly put meaning into what you’re feeling. If that’s the case, feel free to use big words. But not too much. You’re making a puisi cinta, not finishing your thesis.

Then again, if your love is of the academic type, then big words might just be your ticket to getting that poem accepted. To guide you on using big words though, just gauge whatever you feel will work best on your love. You don’t want to make the effort to impress them only to be shot down because your puisi cinta felt pretentious.

The medium is the message

How you deliver your puisi cinta will also make an impact on the message you want to send across so look for ingenious ways. Whatever you choose though, the idea is to add in an element of surprise or to choose a theme that they really, really like. This will ensure that you have their attention, ultimately setting the mood for you to give your poem to your love.

Writing a poem is a sweet gesture and more often than not elicits the response you’re looking for. So don’t be afraid. If your love was worth anything anyway, then it is worth writing them puisi cinta.


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