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Melayu Boleh – Boleh versus Tak Boleh

Fikirkan Boleh

“Engkaulah apa kau fikirkan. Terkandung dalam pemikiran. Kau fikir boleh melakukan. Fikirkan boleh.”
– Malaysia’s Fikirkan Boleh song

Boleh and Tak Boleh are the two most powerful and influential Malay words that determine success or failure in whatever you do in your life. Boleh and Tak Boleh grants you meaning in whatever task you undertake, and directy shape your life. Boleh grants you victory, Tak Boleh grants you defeat.

Success or Failure?

Do you want Success or do you want Failure? When you say Boleh, you speak of victory. You will achieve success in whatever you do despite what others say. Many famous and rich people all over the world can confirm that their road to success was paved with people who say: Kau Tak Boleh.

But these successful people knew better and ignored them. These successful people listen to themselves and say: Aku Boleh.

Listen to Yourself

The most important people you should listen to every day is yourself. Not your friends. Not your colleagues. Not your parents. You should reflect on your goals in life and constantly check that you are heading towards these goals. You should be wary of people who will distract you from your goals. They will say: Kau tak boleh. Lupakan saja hasrat kau tu. Jangan nak berangan Mat Jenin.

And you will ignore these distractors and say to yourself: Aku boleh. Hari ini aku langkah setapak lagi ke arah kejayaan!

Ignore The Scheming Distractors

Sometimes the distractors will coerce you to abandon your goals. They will bribe you with vices like money and sex, or they will threaten you with physical violence so that you cower in defeat. You should ignore these scheming distractors and listen to yourself, and say: Aku Boleh.

Every morning you should visualize victory. Before you sleep you must visualize success. You must imagine what it feels like to attain success, and you must wholeheartedly believe that you can achieve success. This Aku Boleh attitude and constant positive reaffirmation will pave your way to success.

Your Worst Enemy

You can drive victory within yourself but you can also drive failure within yourself if you are not wary. The most dangerous thing that can totally destroy your road to success is letting Aku tak Boleh creeps into your mind. If this happens, you should immediately reaffirm your goals and tell yourself repeatedly: Aku Boleh.

Boleh and Tak boleh – the two most powerful words that drive victory or defeat. Two simple bahasa melayu words you can utter to choose success or failure.

I choose success.

I choose Aku Boleh!


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