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Cinta – 7 Tips Cinta

7 tips cinta to show you love your awek

CintaCinta, or love in English, no matter how cliché and icky it sounds, is something that every human craves. To love and be loved seems to be written in our DNA, perhaps as a biological mechanism to ensure the survival of the human race.

If you’re in a relationship with an awek, you’re probably very much in love with her. You’ve probably also said “Aku Cinta padamu” to your awek a million times.

“Aku Cinta padamu” is three words that an awek melayu will never get sick of hearing. They will love it if you can say it at least once a day. The more the better.

However, many people and countless of songs have argued that words alone are not enough to show that you love her. You have to do something more than words to prove your love.

Perhaps they’re right. You have nothing to lose and more to gain by performing actions that show your love. Your relationship will be stronger and she’ll love you more.

So what else can you do besides saying “aku cinta kamu” to show that you love your awek?

Let’s take a look at the 7 simple ways you can do to prove your cinta sejati.

1.  Give her your full attention

Whenever your awek talks to you, give her your full attention. Stop messing with your mobile phone, stop playing your ps3 and stop watching the television.  Look her in the eyes and listen to her as if she’s the last woman on earth.

2. Write her a puisi Cinta

Women simply loves poem. You don’t have to be Shakespeare to write a poem that she’ll love. Just write what comes to your mind, or search for puisi cinta or kata cinta online. Write the poem on a card and put it at a hidden place where she can find.

3.  Read to her puisi Cinta

Alternatively, you can read the love poem to her. Take her to some place quiet and read her the puisi cinta. I guarantee she’ll melt at your knees.

4. Sing to her lagu cinta

If you hate poems, you can do what we Malays do best – singing love songs. There are lots of lagu melayu  jiwang  for you to choose, preferably the latest ones. Be careful not to choose lagu putus cinta or lagu frust menonggeng. You want to celebrate love, not cry over it.

5. Watch Cinta Movie together

We men love action movies and will never in our life will consider watching a sappy love movie. However, women are different. They need love movies like they need food. So give them want they want and watch cinta movie with them.

6. Surprise her with gifts

Awek loves suprises. One way to surprise her is to give her gifts when she least expect it. You don’t have to spend a bomb to buy her gifts. In fact, simple and cheap gifts will have the best effect. Some examples are flowers, cookies and a cute keychain.

By surprising her with gifts, you’re telling that she’s always on your mind even when she’s not around you.

7. Thank God that you’re together

This is one is a killer. Take her to some place romantic where the sun sets, look up at the sky, and thank God that both of you are together. Thank God that you found her and for giving you the gift of cinta sejati. Make sure you’re sincere. You don’t want to incur the wrath of God and strike you with a flash of lightning.

Saying aku cinta padamu to your awek may not be enough to prove your love. Like what the famous cliché asserts: Actions speak louder than words. And these are the 7 actions you can start today to prove your cinta sejati.


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