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Melayu Boleh

Perhaps the most misused and abused phrase in the history of Bahasa Melayu or Malay language, Melayu Boleh has become an online sensation among the Malaysian online community.  Every day thousands of Malaysians search for this phrase online where they can find thousands of websites dedicated to Melayu Boleh.

What is Melayu Boleh?

In English, Melayu Boleh means “Malays Can” or “Malays can do it”.  Taken literally, this phrase is like any other inspirational or motivational “poster” quotes you can find ubiquitously plastered in any executive’s office.

But are the thousands of online users looking for inspiration and motivation when they search for Melayu Boleh? Or are they looking for something else? Is Melayu Boleh popular because it’s a highly searched phrase, or is it a highly-searched phrase because it’s popular? Why does Melayu Boleh has to do with melayu 3gp?

To answer these questions, you have to understand Malaysian history and human psychology.  We won’t go into this here as there are excellent articles below that answer these questions. Dominated Melayu Boleh

In 2005, debuted online with a simple blog that ranked highly in Google for the phrase Melayu Boleh. Throughout its existence till its demise in 2009, dominated this phrase as well as other related malay phrases such as skandal melayu and melayu bogel resulting in visitors and pageviews that run into millions.

Whatever reasons the owner had for shutting down, he had left a legacy that has been widely copied but rarely replicated successfully. Most of the Malaysian webmasters we know have one time or another attempted to rank their site highly for Melayu Boleh.  Some are successful, most are not.

The current no longer desire a top ranking for this phrase, but if it were to attain the top ranking like it did during its glorious and profitable years, all the better. Any webmasters will be pleased if their site is among the top 10 of Google’s search results.

Current Melayu Boleh Dominator

The current No.1 ranked site on Google for the phrase “Melayu Boleh” is a personal anak melayu boleh blog by a Singaporean Malay. Not exactly Malaysian, but Malay nonetheless. We’re proud of his achievement, not because of its rank, but because his blog has useful and interesting content – a trait that is lacking in most of the “Melayu Boleh” websites.

So thank you for reading, and if you’d like to know more about Melayu Boleh, please check out the articles below.