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Bahasa Melayu

Bahasa Melayu or the Malay language is the native language of millions of people from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei. The Malay language is known as Bahasa Melayu in Singapore and Brunei, Bahasa Malaysia in Malaysia, and Bahasa Indonesia in Indonesia

The versions of Malay language spoken and written by each of these countries slightly differ, but the versions possess similarities that allow residents of one country to understand the other. Believed to have its origin form Sumatra, Bahasa Melayu is currently written using the Latin script (Rumi), athough in the past it has been written using several scripts such as Jawi.

Following are several common questions about Bahasa Melayu a non-speaker may ask.

How can I learn Bahasa Melayu?

Many public and private educational institutions offer Bahasa Melayu at all levels. You can check with your local language schools to see if they offer Malay language classes. If you can’t find any Malay Language classes in your area, you have several options to choose from without actually travelling to Malay-speaking countries to sign up for Malay language classes.

One option is to learn Bahasa Melayu using language software. You can install these programs on your computer to learn the language at your own pace and convenience. Of course, learning Bahasa Melayu this way is not ideal and won’t be as effective as learning formally in a class setting. But at least, you’ll learn basic Bahasa Melayu which is perfect if you’re visiting Malay-speaking countries as a tourist.

The second option is to learn Bahasa Melayu online. Many websites offer Malay Language online tutorials and lessons to non-Malay speakers. Like using language softwares, this method of learning is not ideal but good enough if you’re just looking for a basic grasp of the language.

The last option is to sign-up at Polyglot, a language sharing community. Here you can get to know and make friends with Malay speakers , who can guide and mentor you in Bahasa Melayu.  Among the 3 options, this is perhaps the best way to learn Bahasa Melayu, as you’re actually learning and using the language with live persons.

Is Bahasa Melayu easy to learn?

If you’re just looking for a basic or tourist level of Bahasa Melayu, then learning Bahasa Melayu takes very little time. You can learn it in less than a day.

But if desire a more advanced level of Malay Language then it will take time. How long it takes will depend on your determination and how immersed you are in the language. Below you can find articles which can help you to master Bahasa Melayu fast.

Where can I find Bahasa Melayu Dictionary?

In Malaysia, the authoritative Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Malaysia dictionary is Kamus Dewan by the Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka. It’s available both in print and online, where you can find definitions and usage of Malay words in Malay and English.

Other dictionaries print or online, are available for everyday usage such as Tamilcube’s online Kamus Bahasa Melayu.

How can I translate Bahasa Melayu?

You can translate English to Malay or translate Malay to English using the free or paid option.

The free option is good enough if you’re not looking for a quality and proper translation. Google Translate is currently one of the best online translator .

For a proper and quality translation, you have to get a professional translator to do it for you. Rates will vary, and it’s best to do proper research online to find Bahasa Melayu translators that is within your budget.

Whether you want to learn Bahasa Melayu as a second language or to impress awek melayu, there are many options available for you to learn the language. Do check out our excellent articles below to guide you in your quest to learn the Malay language.

To your success with learning Bahasa Melayu.