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Awek – 5 More Types you should Avoid Dating

awek melayu terlampauWarning: Avoid these Awek

I’m sure most Malay Men would love to date awek cun, awek hot or even an awek tudung. But no matter how hot, comel or cun the awek is, if she belongs to one of the 13 types, you should not date her.

In a past article we look at 8 types of awek melayu you should avoid dating. Here we will look at 5 more you should give the finger.

1. Awek Bodoh

Awek bodoh likes to talk a lot, but what comes out of her mouth is rubbish. She is a gossip-mongerer and a backstabber.

You can’t talk anything important to this kind of gadis as she does not seem to have basic listening and comprehension skills. Many minah rempit belongs to this category.

2. Awek Anak Emas

Awek anak emas is rich, self-centered and selfish. She believes that the world revolves around her and that she is better than everyone. She believes she is better than you and will clearly tell you so.

You do want to date such a selfish woman.

3. Awek Kebudak-budakkan

This cousin of awek gersang is emotional and ultra-sensitive. She’ll cry a lot, often at menial things. Any comment or criticism will upset her and make her weep.

Dating this kind of awek is frustrating and tiring. You’ll have to apologize to her many times even if you do nothing wrong.

Don’t ever get serious with awek kebudak-budakkan. If you ever try to leave her, she will blame you and attempt to commit suicide.

4. Awek Mulut Murai

Awek mulut murai, like awek bodoh, loves to talk. But awek mult murai is smarter, cynical and has a sharper tongue. She will comment and criticize everything and anything that is happening around her.

She does not value your opinion and thinks that she is always right.

Dump this awek.

5. Awek Sundal

Awek sundal is flirtatious and sleeps around with men. Devoid of any melayu boleh spirit, she uses her sexuality to attract men to suit her desires, which are usually money and power.

This awek sundal will dump you like a bad 3gp video once she finds that you no longer serve her purpose.

So these are the 5 additional awek melayu you should avoid dating or get into a relationship with. These women have the potential to break you heart and ruin your life. Save yourself the trouble and don’t even bother to entertain these types of awek.

There are many other malay women that deserve your attention and your love.

Do you know of any other types of awek melayu that we should avoid? If you do please tell us the type of awek in the comments below.


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