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Awek Melayu – 3 Tips to Seduce Them

Awek Melayu ComelHere’s how you can seduce awek melayu

If you wish to attract gorgeous awek melayu into your life, you’ll need to establish some specific skills. Just about everyone has experienced success at some time in our lives but can’t place our finger about what was particularly effective. Many “naturals” on the ground can’t actually explain to you why they have a great deal of success. Therefore allow me to teach you a few techniques that can help you attain great results in the field on a steady basis.

1. Learn to Read Awek Melayu’s Body Language

One skill a seducer should have is the ability to read body language. To see if you can keep up with them, awek melayu will often gives you mixed signals. But if a man can see through her signals, she will know that he “gets her” although he could be only a typical man with a decent knowledge of body language.

There are several signs that betrays an awek melayu’s interest in you: turning her body nearer to you while talking to you, constantly looking at your lips, at your eyes, displaying open body language like exposing her hand, neck or inner thigh. When you observe more than two of these signs, you can assure yourself that the woman is interested in you and you should ignore any inconsistent signals at this point.

2. Approach Awek Melayu Directly

One skill to turn you into a successful seducer is to learn the best way to approach a woman. The direct approach is my weapon of choice. When I see a woman who interest me, I will approach her immediately. I will tell her my name and tell her that I’m attracted to her. This direct approach makes me look sincere and put her at ease. Also, this will make me appear to be a confident person who gets whatever he desires, and awek melayu loves that.

3. Initiate First Contact with Awek Melayu

One important skill which can be vital for your success with awek melayu is knowing when and how to initiate the first physical contact. I will attempt physical contact within the first five minutes of a conversation. If I wait too long, I find that the situation will get awkward when I finally attempt to touch her. The first contact need not be sexual; it can be a handshake or a gentle touch on the shoulder. The aim of first contact is to destroy the physical barrier and gently advances the situation.

So make an effort to learn the three methods I just gave you and I guarantee your success with awek melayu will increase significantly. You’ll start to notice all the games awek melayu play in their search of the “perfect man”. So be that man that can attract awek melayu and begin the life you have always fantasize.

Farhan Salleh is a melayu boleh writer who loves to blog about cerita melayu panas. Farhan and his awek melayu tudung loves to take 3gp videos of their comel cat, and will one day compile them as a melayu 3gp videos collection and post this not so melayu boleh video on youtube.


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