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8 Types of Awek Melayu You should Avoid Dating

awek melayu terlampauWarning: Avoid these Awek Melayu

If you’re looking to date or go steady with an awek melayu, you must make sure that the awek is not one of the following  types.

You should avoid these awek melayu like you avoid that cow dung on the road.

1. Awek Melayu Feminis

Awek feminis believes that women are smarter and more capable than men. They also believe that that men are the cause of all evil and suffering in this world.

You do not want to date this kind of arrogant awek melayu. You will never please her or earn her respect.

2. Awek Pisau Cukur

Awek Pisau cukur is perhaps the most common of the 8 types . These awek just wants your money.

She will be nice and pay her own way when you first date her, but once you fall for her that’s when she starts to demand for material stuffs.

And once you’re broke, awek pisau cukur will dump you.

Don’t be fooled by this type of awek melayu if you don’t want to be a pauper.

3. Awek Jiwang

These kind awek melayu lives in their own romantic fantasy. They expect love and relationships to be perfect like in romance novels or movies.

She is needy and will need your constant attention. She expects you to be perfect like some hero in a fairy tale.

If you fail to attend to her needs or live up to her expectations, she will either turn into a nagging monster or have a mental breakdown.

4. Awek Ganas

Awek bengis, like awek feminis, hates men. This awek blames men for all failed relationships including her own.

She bears grudges towards men and will not hesitate to hurt you when you fall for her. To her, its payback.

Don’t get hurt by awek bengis.

5. Awek Gelisah

This is the kind of awek who will sms/call you more than 10 times a day. She will call you and ask for your location or whom you’re in company with.

She will always worry about her looks, weight and her entire outlook on life. You have to constantly reassure that you love her and that things is just fine the way there are.

You do not need such a needy and insecure awek. It’s tiring.

6. Awek Emo

This awek seems perfect at first but once things are getting serious she will dump you. This kind of awek melayu fears relationship and will bail at the first sign of commitment.

She’s been hurt in past relationships and is subconsciously avoiding one.

Getting dumped by an emo girl will hurt a lot since you are more likely to have fallen in love with her.

It’s no wonder a lot of jiwang songs have been written for this kind of break-up.

7. Awek Gatal Nak Kahwin

This awek melayu is desperate to get married. She will want you to meet her parents and ask for her hand within the first two weeks of dating.

You must avoid this kind of awek melayu. You do not want to spend the rest of your life with someone you barely know.

8. Awek Queen Control

I bet you’re familiar with awek queen control. You’re probably living with one: your mother.

This awek melayu will control every aspect of your life. Your clothes. Your meals. Your friends. Your money.

If you resist her, she will emotionally blackmail you by crying, screaming and pouting or give you the silent treatment.

Do you know of any other types of awek melayu that we should avoid? If you do please tell us in the comments below.


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