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Awek Melayu – 5 Dirty Secrets to Attract Malay Women

Awek Melayu CunIf you’re looking to attract more awek melayu into your life, then you’ll want to read this article. Specifically, we’ll look into 5 simple tips that you can follow to exponentially increase your chances of attracting Malay women.

Once you’re done reading these tips, you’ll be among the handful of men who know the secrets to make an awek go crazy over you. You can finally stop obsessing over the women in your gambar awek melayu blogspot collection. You can finally date a real awek and be successful at it.

1. Be Well-Groomed and look “Rich”

We’re no longer in the 80’s or in 90s. Awek Melayu now don’t care about mat roks or mat rempits who are perpetually unkempt or out of money.

Malay women, unlike old-school bohsia, now prefer men who smell good and dress well. What you wear does not matter. As long you look neat and presentable, you’re good to go.

Women generally look for men can who provide for her. Awek cun are no different. If you’re rich, you’re a lucky bastard. If you’re poor you can pretend to look rich ala “Si Badul”.

2. Listen to Awek Melayu

Most guys I know are bad listeners. They have no clue on how to actually have a conversation with a woman. Men either talk too much about themselves or they don’t talk at all. Both equally make you a bad listener.

Let me reveal the secret to talk to any woman.

When an awek melayu talks to you, give her 100% attention and look into her eyes. If you find looking at her eyes uncomfortable, then look at any other parts of her face. Never, never look at tetek awek melayu during the conversation, you pervert.

Let her do most of the talking. All you need to do is nod or “uhuh” once in a while. If she pauses, let her continue or you can repeat or summarize her last statement to show that you are listening.

3. Ignore her

This attraction technique works very well when you’re in a company of two or more awek melayu.

The awek melayu who is your target is the one you should ignore. Talk to the rest of the women, and only talk to your target when she initiates it. Even then, you should pay her little attention and answer her curtly.

The less attention she gets the more she’ll be attracted to you.

Why this work is anybody’s guess. You’ll be dumb if you don’t use this technique, as this is one technique many dating gurus swear by.

4. Give Appropriate Compliment

One thing I learn from my vast dating experience is that gadis melayu do no like compliments. But this does not mean that they do not like all compliments.

What they want to hear is a compliment that does not sound fake or contrived.

If she’s ugly, don’t tell her that she’s pretty.

If she’s fat, don’t say she’s slim.

If she thinks she’s a failure, don’t say she’s tried hard and should be proud of herself.

You get the idea.

Your compliment has to be something factual. If she’s wearing nice shoe, tell her so. If her hair smells good, tell her so.

When it comes to compliments, less is always more.

5. Put her Down Subtly

This technique has to be one of the most powerful techniques ever devised or discovered.

You will increase your chances of an awek melayu going crazy over you if you put her down subtly at least one a day and no more than 3 times a day.

Just like giving a compliment in a matter-of-fact manner, you should criticize her the same way.

If she’s wearing ugly shoes, tell her.

If she’s wearing mismatched pants, say it.

But never criticize anything that has to do with her body. This method will backfire if you do so.

So these are the 5 techniques you can use to attract awek melayu. If you follow these techniques, I can assure you that you can and will attract more Malay women into your life.

I wish you success with Awek Melayu.

Mat RomeoX is a guest writer and dating guru who has dated hundreds of Awek Melayu during his heydays. Awek cun, comel, tudung, gersang, gian, rempit you name it. He has dated them all. He’s currently dating a hot awek model and swears that he’ll never cheat on her this time.


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