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Awek Melayu 3gp – Watch this Shocking Video

This Awek Melayu 3gp will shock you…

If you’re looking for awek melayu 3gp, you should check out this video that will shock the hell out of you. This shocking awek melayu 3gp video is so popular that it has garnered more than 200,000 views. Before you read on, I suggest you watch this video that was posted some time ago at Metacafe. Turn up the volume and be prepared to get shocked.

Why this Awek Melayu 3gp is shocking

What is shocking about this 3gp awek melayu video is that the video has nothing to do with its title “Awek Melayu kena Raba”. In English, this means “Malay woman gets touched” or “Malay woman molested.”

If you watch the entire 3gp video, you’ll find that there is no touching going on. Instead, the video shows a typical slideshow of awek melayu images which are probably ripped off from some awek melayu blog.  No relation exists at all between the title and the video’s content.

Awek Melayu 3gp Title Misleads

Perhaps the uploader wants to attract views and therefore gives the awek melayu 3gp an enticing title. If this is the case, then the uploader is cunningly smart. He knows that there are lots of horny men looking for such hot awek melayu video, and he uses this knowledge to his advantage.

An unsuspecting viewer will probably get pissed after watching the video since the awek melayu 3gp video isn’t the kind of awek melayu 3gp he’s expecting. He will hit the “back” button while muttering some expletives at the uploader.

Another viewer will watch the entire awek melayu 3gp video expecting some hot awek action and when he doesn’t get what he expect, he’ll click on the link under the video which he think will lead him to what he’s looking for.

And this is the click that the uploader really wants.  He gets traffic to his website by using a misleading title. Not so ethical but it works. How well the traffic converts is another issue, but traffic by trickery is till traffic.

Traffic by Trickery

If you search youtube or any mainstream video sharing site with hot keywords such as awek melayu 3gp or awek melayu boleh,  you’ll be surprised to find many videos that employ traffic by trickery.

You’ll find titles such as:

Gadis Melayu Tudung Berbogel

Awek melayu bertudung kena isap tetek

Video Lucah 3gp Melayu Bogel

Aksi Awek Melayu Bogel Melampau Skodeng

You get the drift. Not the kind of titles you’ll like your mum to read.

Covert Copywriting

One of the basic copywriting techniques is to have a great title and a headline that will attract readers. In one way or another, these video titles adhere to this basic technique but I won’t call it copywriting. I’ll call it covert copywriting.

This bastardized version of copywriting has been around of ages, and I’ve seen even bread-and-butter businesses employing such tactics. A video titled “Awek Melayu Kena Main dengan Anjing” will surely get you hordes of traffic, but I doubt you’ll have much customers.

What you’ll get are angry readers and viewers who will curse you to no end.

Farhan Salleh is a guest writer who is fascinated with awek melayu. He swears he has never watched a hot awek melayu 3gp, and hopes that people will stop uploading such disgracing videos.


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